About Our Practice

We are committed to being at the forefront of providing our patients with the highest quality bracing and artificial limb technology.  Through a quality oriented philosophy we are also committed to meeting the personal needs and improving the quality of life to our patients within the local and surrounding communities.  This is achieved through careful evaluation of our patients’ needs and close communication with the patient, doctor and therapist.

  • Is committed to respect those whom we serve as persons of dignity and worth regardless of race, sex, creed, or social status.

  • Shall strive to fulfill or surpass industry established levels of excellence in patient care.

  • Is committed to maintaining a unique quality level of professionalism between staff and patient.

  • Shall selectively pursue the highest standards of technical excellence appropriate to the needs of our community.

  • Shall seek involvement in innovative organizational forms of patient care.

  • Is committed to operating as a privately owned health care organization under the direction of a dedicated governing body and professional care givers.

  • Is committed to providing an environment conducive to a maximum level of efficiency and satisfaction for clinical staff and employees.

  • Shall seek to exit as a strong, cost effective organization.

  • Shall participate in and carry on research and educational activities supportive to the mission.

  • Shall seek relationships appropriated to the accomplishment of this mission with other community health care providers.

  • Shall seek opportunities of service unique to its geographically-centered urban location.

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